Makoto Kagoshima at Chariots on Fire

Hairy & Grainy

What began as an experiment with timber remnants has developed into the Grain and Hairy
series wood rounds, crafted in Lee's South London studio.  Hand-crafted from sustainably
sourced ash and beech woods, each round has the distinctive pattern of its wood grain high-
lighted using pyrography techniques, rendering each piece unique.  The boards are treated
with food-grade oil creating a delightful and practical background for food presentation
purposes or simply as a beautiful interior object to enjoy.  To care for your board, moisturize
often with food-grade oil and dry comply after washing.

Wood, Fire, Earth

We are very excited to presnt you these wonderful Vessels by Pia Wüstenberg.
Pia of Utopia & Utility is a Finnish-German industrial designer focusing on
handmade production of unique objects.  The Stacking Vessels are crafted
from turned wood (larch / Finnish silver birch), handblown glass and ceramic.
Pia pairs these materials and skilled craftsmen who work collaboratively to
create parts of the vessel that are stacked to create the final piece.  Each
vessel tells a story of this special process and none are alike.  Pia is a grad-
uate of the Royal College of Art in London, England.

Brancusi Atelier

A visit to the magical Brancusi Atelier in Paris.  Hidden in front of the Pompidou museum,
once inside, his sculptures and tools will take your breath away. 

better late than never

Rainbow colored Tourmaline earrings by Better late then never.  Also available are Herkimer
Diamond earrings.  Herkimers are not exaclty diamond but double pointed quartz crystals.
They look lovely on the ear!  Photo courtesy of Sara of Better Late Than Never. 

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Electroformed 18K Gold and Whitby Jet Earrings

We are excited to introduce Jacqueline Cullen's new collection of Electroformed gold & Whitby
Jet jewerly.

Shop Plant

Our shop plant is adjusting well to our new space. 

Illustrated Ceramics

We are very excited to present Makoto Kagoshima, a ceramic artist based in Kagoshima in the southern,
tropical tip of Japan.  Makoto Kagoshima individually illustrates whimsical and heart - warming motifs
making each piece one of a kind works of art.

He draws inspiration from travels and his love for Roman sculptures and architecture.  As an avid
gardener, motifs such as pansies, roses and dianthus flowers appear throughout his designs with occa-
sional appearances of butterflies, owls and other fantastical creatures.  Makoto Kagoshima’s plates are
food safe and make wonderful centerpieces for the home or the table.

Almanac of Style visits Chariots on Fire

We would like to Thank Almanac of Style for this wonderful article.  Thank you for stopping by the shop to say hi.