Old meets New in Kyoto

On a recent trip to Kyoto, I was reminded of the rich cultural history of Japan.  You can visit
again and again but every trip brings a new experience as the changing of the seasons
brings an entirely different backdrop to explore.  Furthermore, an afternoon with Ko Kado
of Kamisoe transported me to a new place - where tradition and ancient technique meets new
expressions and hands.  Ko has spent five years at Karacho, a 400 year old studio famous
for the art of hand crafted and block -printed paper known as Karakami (traditionally used for
screens).  After studying abroad and traveling the world, Ko established his own line of boutique
stationary and paper products, Kamisoe.  He also took us on the most memorable tour on our
bikes through the narrow streets and quiet gardens of Kyoto - thank you!!!!!

Ko at his store in Kyoto, beautifully recreated from an old barber shop.

Natural pigments are mixed into the ink when printed.

Last stop of the day at Naitou...the most exquisite slippers in the most stunning color combi-
nations I've seen in quite a while. 

You can also see Ko's beautiful paper covering the inside of this gem of a shop.

Perfect for fall

Marion Vidal Triangoli necklace.  

Autumn colors of Japan


Graphic Eye

Mentor, father and inspiration - I'm so proud to announce the completion of the The Graphic eye of Tamotsu Yagi.  This book gives a glimpse of selected works and design process by Tamotsu Yagi following his designs from 1984 and also includes conversations with other creatives on the topic of collecting and designing across may mediums.

"Mitsuke" - to have and develop the eye.  This is one of the many lessons and skills I learned as an apprentice under my father.  It started early in life as he always found ways to include me in his design pursuits and I always tagged along... for instance, the search for a leaf to use as part of an identity design... but not just any leaf, the perfect one to suit the design.  He showed me that what you find, or in Japanese "Mitsukeru" IS also design.

Happy Halloween!

Bewitched & Bejewelled. Loving this cover ca. 1950 from Illustrated.