Audio Research is one of the oldest operating manufacturers in American audio founded in 1970 in Minneapolis with one goal in mind: to advance the state of the art in music reproduction. Hand made in Minneapolis, USA.

"An exploration of the past, looking at the future with respect" - Audio Research



Audio Research was founded by William Z. Johnson, who began designing custom audio electronics in the early 1950's. Johnson's efforts almost single-handedly revived vacuum-tube designs at a time when major industry manufacturers had abandoned this technology in favor of low-cost solid-state devices which were markedly inferior in terms of musical accuracy.

A preamplifier, amplifier, phono stage and digital to analog converter all in one chassis, the GSi75 combines with your favorite speaker to deliver a singular and simple solution to control your listening system.


Audio Research Integrated Amplifier GSi75
Photo: Stefano Massei

Chariots on Fire is an authorized dealer of the GSi75 amplifier. $15,000
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