About Chariots on Fire: Chariots on Fire is an experience of travel, design, history and craftsmanship presented through objects. We search and select products we love, the conversation starters, the kinds of things you want to live with for a long, long time. Our offering is an eclectic and rare mix by new talents, classics, limited editions and mementos from places and forgotten times. We are driven by the desire to connect beautiful objects with the curious.

Our Store: We are located in Venice, on the westside of Los Angeles, California, a beachside destination known for its endless summers and colorful past (Charles/Ray Eames, Baldessari,"the dude" The Big Lebowski). We offer an array of items from home decor, objet d'art, fine and contemporary jewelry, curiosities and more. We welcome you here. 

Chariots on Fire Presents (Events / Exhibits): Each show is an opportunity to play host to unexpected collaborations, evolving conversations and to discover surprising points of view. Please follow us or join our mailing list - we would love to see you at our next gathering. Instagram: @chariotsonfire

Special Projects and Commissions: We are at your service. Please contact us with your ideas!

Why Shop with Us? By supporting Chariots on Fire, you are supporting an independent store and goods created and imagined by passionate and talented individuals. In our eyes, our makers are ambassadors of culture and unique style representing our diverse and beautiful world. 

Chariots on Fire Presents: "A Tale of Plant & Pot" exhibited in LA & Kyoto - a special commission by Chariots on Fire from potter Adam Silverman (LA) and plant artist Oda Kohei (Hiroshima) 

Photo by Takashi Homma