Polly Wales Ruby Earrings

Polly Wales Ruby Earrings


These sculptural Ruby stud earrings are a perfect size on its own or layered. What makes them special are the details of Polly’s signature setting… The Rubies look like they were dug from the earth already set in gold. Pure alchemy!

ABOUT POLLY WALES: Polly’s edgy and unorthodox method of directly casting sapphires and diamonds in metal is her signature style and influenced by her days as a sculptor. Currently based in Los Angeles, Polly Wales studied jewelry design at The Royal College of Art in London.

”I develop pieces of  jewelry that spoke to people who didn’t like shiny, perfect, immaculate things. The Polly Wales stamp is the serendipitous, the unpredictable.” - Polly Wales

Material: Mix-cut rubies set in solid 18K yellow gold. 18K posts.
Diameter: a little under 3/8”

Sculptural, playful, edgy (Link to Video)

One-of-a-kind piece

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