“Each piece of jewelry is completed only when it is worn by its rightful owner, who is a natural and self-confident woman with integrity and passion. This woman wants the jewelry to accentuate her personality and natural beauty, rather than to outshine her. At the same time the piece of jewelry should become a part of her and complement and supplement her.”

I had an image in my mind of a pair of small gold earrings for myself, that I looked for everywhere, but couldn’t find. One day I decided to try to create them myself and when others saw what I had made, I all of a sudden found myself with an order book full for these earrings."

Charlotte Wendes Fine Jewelry was founded in 1998 in Copenhagen from a dream of creating exclusive jewelry for the strong and confident woman who expresses sincerity and particularly personality. Charlotte's creativity emerges naturally and without compromise in a creative defined space of tranquility and contemplation. The jewelry shape is light and thin, and show the pure idea. In the field of tension between the fine and the organic occurs an expression that is sincere and elegant. All jewelry is made in high quality materials and precious stones.

enameled eye Brooke Gregson