Thank you for your interest in Chariots on Fire’s offering of artist Makoto Kagoshima.  With the below-listed, Chariots on Fire seeks to extend clarity toward the ‘frequently asked questions’ we receive regarding Makoto Kagoshima’s work.    



Q  :   What distinguishes Makoto Kagoshima’s work as unique—?

Answer  :  Makoto Kagoshima approaches the composition of his ceramic work in individual and hand-crafted nature.  His practice is to draw images on clay:  simple, yet evocative renderings — roses in exuberant bloom; birds mid-flight, or in open song — which depict the natural, and at times, the unnatural, world.  Each illustrated motif remains entirely one-of-a-kind, the culmination of a series of distinct, refined techniques and Kagoshima’s vivid expressivity.



Q  :   What techniques does Makoto Kagoshima use in the creation of his ceramic work—?

Answer  :  Makoto Kagoshima uses clay as his medium for expression.  That said:  he does not intend for his practice to be representative of any singular ceramic method or technique.  Rather, he employs a selection of traditional and non-traditional approaches (encompassing aspects of kakiotoshisometsuke, and rounuki) to create each one-of-a-kind piece.



Q  :   When does Chariots on Fire exhibit the work of Makoto Kagoshima—?

Answer  :  Chariots on Fire presents an exhibition of Makoto Kagoshima’s ceramic work each year.  The evolution of Chariots’ exclusive relationship with Kagoshima originates from the artist’s U.S. debut in August of 2013, when Chariots invited Kagoshima to introduce his work for the first time in America at our gallery.

It is our intention at Chariots to offer a centralized viewing of Kagoshima’s ceramics — in fact, the most substantial presence of the artist’s work on-feature — and in this way, to let unfold the experience of encountering Kagoshima across the range of his æsthetic vision.

Notice regarding the details of our sixth exhibition of Makoto Kagoshima will be announced here, as well as via our subscribed mailing list.



Q  :   Will Chariots on Fire notify me upon the arrival of Makoto Kagoshima work—?

Answer  :  We advise you to remain in contact with Chariots on Fire, either by phone or by e-mail, regarding our present holdings of Makoto Kagoshima ceramics.



Q  :   How may I acquire ceramic work by artist Makoto Kagoshima—?

Answer  :  Chariots on Fire offers a variety of avenues through which to acquire work by artist Makoto Kagoshima.  

Chariots on Fire’s exhibition of Makoto Kagoshima ceramics, customarily presented each year during late summer or early fall, features a large, curated selection of work available for purchase.  Please note this year’s exhibition will be held on: August 3 - 17.
Outside of this exhibition period, Chariots receives periodic shipments of Kagoshima’s work as the artist is inspired to produce.  These pieces are placed in-store; select pieces may occasionally be placed on offer via the Chariots on Fire website.