“My creativity comes from my culture: traditional crafts, folklore, music and fairy tales. Culture is embedded in my practice”

We've had our eye on Grainne's work for some time and we are thrilled to be working together.

Grainne Morton's whimsical and magical work gives new meaning to luxury and preciousness in the world of contemporary and fine jewelry. Grainne has an eye for objects - from antique buttons, glass findings, corals and cameos. (She was raised in a family of antique dealers) and rearranges these finds into one-of-a-kind, often mis-matched pieces. Every finding is set by hand in oxidized sterling silver or plated in 18K gold... whatever the design calls for.

Grainne is an award-winning goldsmith and designer based in Edinburgh, where she lives and works with her husband and two children.

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