Long serving tray by Tenshin Juba

Long serving tray by Tenshin Juba


Alchemist-potter Tenshin Juba creates modern earthenware and stoneware from his home-studio in Kobe, Japan. Here, Juba creates in rhythmic manner—his sourcing of raw materials facilitated by the cycles of his natural world.

A combination of organic materials, such as rice straws and chestnut husks, are paired with ‘low-tech’ methods to catalyze a variety of results: smooth, glassy finishes and saturated, inky blue-black, deep caramel, or naturally-occurring platinum tones.

The addition of richly-mineralized water, for which Juba’s area is known, dilutes pigment-infused clay, transforming it into liquid ‘slip,’ a substance with which the artist paints upon the surface of his forms. Pure, kinetic gestures define Juba’s hand-poured mode of expression. A rake-like instrument of bound pine-needles pulls through liquid slip to offer a more intricate, pattern-like effect.

Tenshin Juba ceramics are food-safe. Please hand-wash with care and dry completely. Do not microwave or place in the oven. Irregularities are consistent with Juba’s work.

13” x 5” x H: 1”

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This one-of-a-kind piece is exclusive to Chariots on Fire.

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