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Makoto Kagoshima, based in the southern island of Japan, approaches the composition of his ceramic work in individual and hand-crafted nature.  His practice is to draw images on clay:  simple, yet evocative renderings — roses in exuberant bloom; birds mid-flight, or in open song — which depict the natural, and at times, the unnatural, world.  Each illustrated motif remains entirely one-of-a-kind, the culmination of a series of distinct, refined techniques and Kagoshima’s vivid expressivity.

—Venice, California, May 2019

“I create to bring joy…”

—Makoto Kagoshima

Availability: We advise you to remain in contact with Chariots on Fire, either by phone or by e-mail, regarding our present holdings of Makoto Kagoshima ceramics.

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Chariots on Fire exclusively represents Makoto Kagoshima in the USA.


We are currently accepting inquiries related to Makoto Kagoshima's private mural commissions. Please contact us for further details.