"Makoto Kagoshima Ceramics"

"Makoto Kagoshima Ceramics"


Makoto Kagoshima Ceramics is a catalog of 130 one-of-a-kind ceramics by Makoto Kagoshima commissioned by Chariots on Fire. This book contains the largest presentation of Makoto Kagoshima's ceramics work to date.

The evolution of Chariots’ exclusive relationship with Kagoshima originates from the artist’s U.S. debut in August of 2013, when Chariots invited Kagoshima to introduce his work for the first time in America at our gallery.

Makoto Kagoshima approaches the composition of his ceramic work in individual and hand-crafted nature.  His practice is to draw images on clay:  simple, yet evocative renderings — roses in exuberant bloom; birds mid-flight, or in open song — which depict the natural, and at times, the unnatural, world.  Each illustrated motif remains entirely one-of-a-kind, the culmination of a series of distinct, refined techniques and Kagoshima’s vivid expressivity.

Publish date: January of 2017
Publisher: Chariots on Fire
Foreword by: Ryuko Kida (Elle Decor Japan)
Photo by: Shuji Yoshida
Design / Art direction: Ritsuko Yagi
140 pages / full color
Printed on TAKEO Mrs. B-F stock with Kaleido ink
Printed and bound in Japan
English / Japanese

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