"Makoto Kagoshima Ceramics"

"Makoto Kagoshima Ceramics"


Makoto Kagoshima Ceramics is a book of 130 one-of-a-kind ceramics by Makoto Kagoshima commissioned by Chariots on Fire. This book contains the largest presentation of Makoto Kagoshima's ceramics work to date.

Makoto Kagoshima, based in the southern Kyushu, island of Japan, illustrates whimsical and heart-warming motifs on clay making each ceramic a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art. As an avid gardener, motifs such as pansies and roses appear throughout his designs with occasional appearances of butterflies and other fantastical creatures.

Makoto Kagoshima's ceramics are food safe and make wonderful centerpieces for the home or table. Chariots on Fire exclusively represents Makoto Kagoshima in the US.  Makoto Kagoshima's first US exhibit of select works was held at Chariots on Fire in 2013.

Publish date: January of 2017
Publisher: Chariots on Fire
Foreword by: Ryuko Kida (Elle Decor Japan)
Photo by: Shuji Yoshida
Design / Art direction: Ritsuko Yagi
140 pages / full color
Printed and bound in Japan
English / Japanese

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