Chariots on Fire introduces:


“I develop pieces of jewellery that speak to people who don’t like shiny, perfect, immaculate things . . . I like to think of our pieces as the most intriguing person at the party—at once intimate and captivating.”

Polly Wales gravitated from sculpture-based work to the study of jewelry at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Years of experimentation lead to her self-conceptualized technique:  Wales casts gemstones directly into gold, rather than via more traditional methods of ‘setting’ stones in place.  Lush, color-rich sapphires, diamonds, and rubies appear as if freed from beneath layers of precious metal in manner which retains and liberates their uniqueness and organicism.  The end result is fresh, serendipitous, and one-of-a-kind—works of art which redefine the idea of ‘fine’ jewelry.

Polly Wales currently resides in
Los Angeles.

Polly Wales introductions by Jaguar

“Polly Wales is disrupting jewelry. She is an artist at the forefront of a movement against perfection and mass production.