Wearable Works of Art. Perfectly imperfect fine jewelry by Polly Wales

"...tiny little stones are hidden all the way through the gold.
If you wore it for ten years, or however long, there would always be new things that would be revealed within the object" - Polly Wales

Polly's sapphires.png

"What I set out do was to make pieces that changed as you wore them.
Your relationship with that jewelry would evolve and the piece would
become more precious the longer you had it..."

(Watch the behind the scenes video above)

Polly, who spent her formative years in London and free-spirited Brighton in England, always had a strong affinity for the arts. She studied sculpture early on and later studied jewelry at The Royal College of Art in London. Although Polly is a classically trained fine artist, she has always had a penchant for breaking the mold.

“I found that jewerly, rather than sculpture, allowed me to make pieces that spoke directly to more people…I loved making for making’s sake and creating a final product from an aesthetic view point rather than one based on theory and rules,” she says.

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Polly directly casts sapphires and diamonds (most often gems are "set" in place) which results in her unique signature look.