“I develop pieces of jewelry that spoke to people who didn’t like shiny, perfect, immaculate things. The Polly Wales stamp is the serendipitous, the unpredictable.”

Polly Wales, who spent her formative years in London and free-spirited Brighton, England, always had a strong affinity for the arts. She studied sculpture early on and later studied jewelry at prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Although Polly is a classically trained fine artist, she has always had a penchant for breaking the mold.

Polly directly casts sapphires and diamonds (most often gems are "set" in place) which results in her unique, signature look... Colorful gems look like they were dug from the earth, already set in gold. Pure alchemy. 

Polly Wales introductions by Jaguar

“Polly Wales is disrupting jewelry. She is an artist at the forefront of a movement against perfection and mass production.